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Awesome read - Brilliantly written. I look forward to reading more of this authors work!

Absolutely Great Read - I've read a few of Edward's books now and I have to say they are all very good. Highly recommend what more can I say apart from give them a read. I've just finished this book and my partner has also read it and we both agree that it was a good read and we can't wait for more of Edwards books.

Good story - I quite enjoyed reading this story even though it isn't my genre. Looking forward to try another book

Great second book - Waiting for the next in the series


The way you wrote this story is really good

That was brutal, oh my goodness.

Love your writing style!!

You use vivid sensory language, and at times dry and sarcastic humour which I really appreciate. I can tell from the first few chapters this is a very well written novel, and the main character has been established well using show don't tell. This is a very high calibre of writing, the grammar and spelling are almost flawless.

Truly a life-changing event for Oliver

Amazing read! I couldn’t put it down. 10/10

Good Read - Great new author


Fantastic! - I loved this collection of short stories. I always try not to give the plots away in reviews, but Edward Gough has a wonderful writing style that is sure to leave you hooked! The book cover is great too!

Great read - Well written from a new author. Worth a follow!