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Desperate Trigger

Short Story, Competition Submission


In the gritty corners of a run-down bar, where hope seems as dim as the flickering neon lights, Desperate Trigger takes readers on a harrowing journey into the depths of human desperation and the dark choices it can provoke.

Protect Me Lord

Paperback, Hardcover, eBook


In Eldenhaven, Nathan discovers a dark cult's symbol, unravelling secrets that lead him to a chilling rendezvous by the Elderwood.

Web of Lies



In the intricate tapestry of life, everyone carries secrets and weaves the occasional thread of lies into their narrative. These enigmatic strands connect the lives of four individuals, bound by the complexity of their hidden truths.

Goodbye Neighbour:

Short Story, Free, eBook


As the stench of death clings to every facet of Lewis's existence, the narrative unfolds with an eerie intensity. Join Lewis on a nightmarish quest to rid himself of a toxic presence, navigating the treacherous terrain between mundane office life and the macabre depths of a forbidden secret. With each turn of the page, the tension escalates, revealing the complexities of Lewis's character and the dark allure of his neighbour's demise.

Flowers of the Forest

Short Story, Free, eBook


In the heart of the Black Fern Forest, an ordinary day took an extraordinary turn when George and his adventurous friends embarked on an expedition into the very depths of this mystical wilderness. Little did they anticipate that their journey would unravel a series of bizarre and unnatural occurrences, forever changing their perception of the world around them.

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